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At the time of this publication in early 2014 hundreds of vessels, ranging in size from 14’ to 60’, have been surveyed or appraised by Frank Abbey.
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The marine survey is a written report providing the dimensions, gear, hull structure, equipment, propulsion machinery, and the basic lay-out and condition of the vessel. The physical and visual examination consists inspecting the hull, fittings, gear, machinery and equipment to ascertain all of these items are in sea worthy condition. A marine survey also consists of inspecting fresh water lines, sinks, faucets, tanks (fuel, water, waste) fuel lines, thru-hull fittings, raw water hoses, batteries, electrical 12 volt and 120 volt systems, air conditioning units and pumps, steering, vents, blowers, cabin windows, galley equipment, navigational equipment, lights and railing to make sure all are in good condition. Included in the survey is a list of "Recommendations" and any "Damage Observed" along with color photographs inside and out of the vessel. This information is then compiled to estimate a current market value.
Who needs a marine survey?
A person requiring a survey must contact a surveyor to arrange a date and time for the survey. At that time, a work order will be completed with the details of the survey to be conducted. The person who requested the survey must review and sign the work order prior to the survey. The owner and storing/mooring facility must grant access to the vessel with keys and a means to board the vessel. Any winter covers need to be removed before the survey to allow complete inspection of the boat. If the covers have not been removed, there will be an additional fee to do so, and they will not be put back over the vessel. A survey must be paid for in advance or at the vessel before the survey. A boat should be hauled out in order to perform a complete inspection of the under water portion of the hull and machinery for a pre-purchase survey. The charges to haul the boat are the responsibility of the person ordering the survey, unless other arrangements have been agreed on.
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