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At the time of this publication in early 2014 hundreds of vessels, ranging in size from 14’ to 60’, have been surveyed or appraised by Frank Abbey.
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  ACMS Certified Marine Surveyor #0181,  ABYC Standards 2009 - Present: Frank Abbey Marine Surveyor & Consultant Inc.  1989 - 2009: Marine Surveyor at S&S Marine   1987 - Present: reading / study regarding vessel construction, statutory  regulations and voluntary / recommended standards, practices (small craft and other vessels). 1987 - 1989: Conducted marine surveys in conjunction with, Thomas D. Stanton, Marine Surveyor & Seymour G. Goss, CMDR USNR-Ret.,  Marine Surveyor; at T. Stanton Associates, Freeport, N.Y. Surveys conducted to determine a vessel's condition and value, for insurance, finance, donation and pre-purchase testing. Other surveys conducted are; hull structural condition/ moisture intrusion analysis,  insurance claim investigation and to appeal / contest  the declination (by the insurer) of a claim. Vessels Surveyed: Power and Sail up to 165 ft. L.O.A.,  Type of Construction: Fiberglass, wood, steel and aluminum. Type of Vessels Surveyed: Production, custom and semi-custom power, high-performance power and sail, powered by outboard, inboard and I/O engines; operated as private pleasure craft and for commercial use. Surveys have been conducted; in N.Y. State, the Mid & NE Atlantic States region, Florida and Japan. Noteworthy Survey Projects Analysis of the hull structure failure of a 35' center console triple outboard engine powered sport fisherman. Survey report resulted in the vessel's manufacture replacing that vessel with a new 2001 vessel. C & V survey of the "PROCYON" a 65' LOA one-of a kind custom built experimental sailboat, originally named the "AMOCO PROCYON". The survey verified that vessel's condition and current value of $1.25 mil., based on its refitted & refinished hull, custom designed and fitted (teak) cruising/charter style multi stateroom interior and installation of new systems. Trip survey of a 165' loa. passenger / excursion vessel, as required by the vessel's insurance carrier, prior to the vessel sailing from New York to Florida. Analysis of the hull structure failure of a 28' walk around cabin twin outboard engine powered sport fisherman. Survey report resulted in the manufacture replacing the vessel with a new vessel, with their upgraded stringer structure. Survey of numerous cored hull vessels: The result, in each case was; that the client gained the vessel manufacture's agreement to; bear the cost of the repair and restoration of the survey determined compromised hull structures or the replacement of that vessel. Other Activities: Delivery of sailing yachts; N.Y. coastal waters and from Florida Keys, to N.Y.Sailboat racing; Atlantic coastal waters South-East Florida and in  North & South shore waters, Long Island N.Y. Current ownership S2  8.0C auxiliary sail. Constructed and campaigned three open-cockpit (ETQMRA & ARDC sanctioned) oval track open cockpit race cars;. Education / Professional Development March 2002: American Boat & Yacht Council: Standards Accreditation Certification. Member: Association of Certified Marine Surveyors as Certified Marine Surveyor Jan.2002 to present. Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors 1997-1999 American Boat and Yacht Council. Boat/ U.S. Tech Exchange. B.A. State University New York at Stony Brook. Graduate Studies, Ohio University; Athens, Ohio. Graduate of Accounting Certificate Program; Hofstra University: A.B.Y.C. seminar, Marine Surveys & Accident Investigation: American Sailing Association, certification level to Advanced Coastal Cruising 1994. © Frank Abbey  2020
Survey Activities Vessels are examined for adherence to good' construction practices and compliance with recommended standards/regulations established by; American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Non-Destructive testing methods utilized: Mallet sounding and moisture meters (vessel structure); infra-red pyrometer (record / analyze the operating temperatures of air conditioning systems, engines & exhaust system and other on board machinery/equipment); oil samples drawn, from engines and transmissions, for laboratory analysis, of wear metals & other elements and moisture contamination. Survey clients include; owner / operator, purchaser, finance & insurance companies, estate valuation and (for trade-in survey / other evaluation) yacht dealers & brokers